Minutes from the Lakefield Farms trust 2015 annual meeting

Approximately 20 people were in attendance including Trustees. It was a glorious event.

Financials: We hope to have $8,000 to $15,000. for discretionary spending, of which approximately $3,000 is already going to Parking lot sealcoating and repair. We need to show restraint in unnecessary  spending. We need to postpone nonessential repairs until we collect more dues, and make it through the summer beach labor expenses.

New Trustee Tom Trask voted in unapposed, replacing Bob Ryan who has served with honor for 7 years. We all owe Bob a debt of gratitude for his service. 

We only have one Lifeguard, and she would like a day off occasionally. It was suggested she take Sundays off,as parents should be around to supervise their children. 

New projects discussed were replacing the landscape timbers at the beach. They are rotting away. It was suggested that we discuss plans with DEP  prior to commencement. We have been having difficulty getting work done. Perhaps partially due to our frugality in trying to stretch a buck.