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Lakefield Farms Trust
and Neighborhood Association
A community of 265 homes in South Sandwich, MA
21 Great Hill Road, South Sandwich, MA 02563 • 508-428-8568 (office)
LAKEFIELD FARMS TRUST, P.O.Box 1074, Forestdale, MA 02644

Our office is only staffed part-time from 1-5 Tuesday afternoons, so please leave a message or email LakefieldFarms@comcast.net. When visting the Clubhouse, please call ahead 508-428-8568.


The fee to rent the Clubhouse is $65. See our online calendar for available dates, then contact us. You need to fill out the Clubhouse Rental Agreement and submit it with your check. Until we receive your check, your date is not secured.

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Try our online Clubhouse Rentals Calendar to check dates you wish to reserve. Fee to rent is $65.

Please give us your email address so we can keep in touch and save mailing costs! Have a business card? Give it to our webguy, Dave Doolittle, 31 Settlers Path, and he'll scan it and add it to this site. If you can scan it, email it to Dave. Free advertising!

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Lakefield Farms is a community of 265 homes with its own clubhouse, tennis court and beach on Lawrence Pond. All property owners have deeded rights to these facilities and are required by law to pay annual assessments to support and maintain them. REALTOR and LAWYERS: A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE SHOWING THAT ASSESSMENTS ARE PAID MUST BE OBTAINED PRIOR TO CLOSING ON ANY PROPERTY. PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE MANAGER. HOMES FOR SALE ARE BEING MONITORED ON A REGULAR BASIS.
LAKEFIELD FARMS TRUST, P.O.Box 1074, Forestdale, MA 02644 • lakefieldfarms@comcast.net • 428-8568